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Working Group 3 meeting September 21-23, 2010

This year's working group meeting has the title "The early evolution of the atmospheres of terrestrial planets: the role of nitrogen" and will be held in Barcelona, Spain from 21-23 September.  Information about the event can be found here.  

Informal meeting at EGU General Assembly

There was an informal meeting of WG-3 at the EGU General Assembly in Vienna on Wednesday May 5 between 19h and 20h for. The meeting is already announced here

Working Group 3 meeting December 6-8, 2010

The first official meeting of Working Group 3 took place in the Meridian Room at the Royal Observatory of Belgium in Brussels December 6-8, 2010, on the subjct "Carbon in the solar system".

To register please go to the CMST Action CM0805 website.