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The ALMA Telescope: Heralding a new era of astrochemistry


Please note : A preliminary schedule for the event can be found here.

The first meeting of Working group 1 “Radical-and ion-induced reactions” of the COST Action ”The Chemical Cosmos: Understanding Chemistry in Astronomical Environments” will take place at Hotel Ebertor in Boppard, Germany from May 9 to May 12, 2010. The meeting is also open to interested scientists and students outside the working group and the COST Action.

Aim of the meeting

almaThe aim of this first working group meeting is twofold. Firstly, newcomers to the field in our group will get a thorough introduction into the field of astrochemistry by eminent scientists. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, it should serve as a discussion meeting about the possibilities that the new ALMA telescope array offers for research in astrochemistry. Informal discussions about new approaches and projects are encouraged.


For information about the programmeschedule, venue, how to get there, and registration and refund formalities, please click the links or choose from the meeting menue field to the left. 

Important notice: It seems that the interest is quite high for the meeting. Unfortunately the capacities of the venue are limited and, due to the large size of the group we can guarantee accommodation only for the invited speakers. Other places will be allocated on a strict first-come first-served basis.  So early registration is strongly recommended.

Confirmed invited speakers